Outfit 1
Black Jeans + White Crew Neck Tee + Black Field Jacket or Black Denim Shirt + Black Boots

You’ll agree with me when I say black and white is one of the best outfit combinations of all time. You can never ever go wrong with a black and white outfit.

This is a very versatile outfit. You can wear it on a number of different occasions. If you are wearing this outfit in the summers, you can do away with the jacket and just go a cool jeans and tee outfit.

From an early noon brunch to night our with friends with friends or going a date with your girl, this outfit will work no matter what.

Outfit 2
Light Blue Washed Denim + White Crew Neck Tee + White Minimalist Sneakers

This simple and subtle outfit combination is timeless. It is impossible to not look good in this cool outfit. Whenever you are doubt, and not sure what to wear, this is the outfit combination that will save your life.
 We love this outfit because you can dress up or dress down easily. Layer it up with a smart navy blazer and you are ready for the formal event or throw a leather or bomber jacket over it and you are ready to hit the dance floor. 

Outfit 3
Black Ripped Jeans + Denim Shirt + Black Leather Jacket + White Sneakers.

This outfit for guys is perfect for you if you are a fan of double denim outfits.
A lot of experts say that one should not wear denim on denim. And they call this a cardinal fashion crime. But we completely disagree.
We believe that double denim is one of the coolest outfit combinations that a guy can wear.
However, there is one important thing you can’t miss if you decide to try this double denim look. Never wear washed top and bottom together. What I mean if you are wearing a washed jeans then opt for a simple denim shirt, and vice versa.
Now, a leather jacket is a seasonal piece in this outfit. if you are wearing this outfit in the summers then you can ditch the leather jacket and opt for a lightweight denim shirt.

Outfit 4
Blue Jeans + Black Levis Tee + Black Bomber Jacket + Adidas White Stan Smith Sneakers For Men.

This outfit is a simple but trendy outfit, perfect for many situations. Whether you’re going out with your friends or are simply going out for shopping. If you’re not a fan of levi’s you can simply swap it out for a plain black tee! 


Outfit 5

Dark Grey Washed Denim + White Crew Neck Tee + Cool Bomber Jacket + Stans From Adidas.

This cool outfit incorporates ripped jeans, which isn’t for everyone. So you replace the ripped jeans with simple straight or tapered fit jeans. And this outfit will still look equally good on you. 
Of course, beanie and a bomber are seasonal pieces. You ditch them if you are wearing this outfit in the summers. However, you can replace the bomber with a cool lightweight flannel or plaid shirt in light blue or brown colour.

Outfit 6

Black Crew Neck Tee + Black Ripped Jeans + Khaki Bomber Jacket + White Sneakers.

This all black outfit is perfect for guys in their 20’s and early 30’s. however, there are no hard rules around here. The versatility of black on black outfit allows anyone (yes, anyone) to look sharp in this classic combination.
The one side benefit of wearing all black outfit is that it can make you look way slimmer. Yes, just by wearing a well-fitting all black outfit you can look slimmer than you are right now.

Outfit 7

Denim Jacket + Black Tee + Black Ripped Jeans + White sneakers

This is another way to rock you all black outfit. Layer up your black jeans and black tee outfit with a cool denim jacket and you are ready to impress everyone on the street.

I told you how this classic all-black outfit combination is versatile and will look good on everyone no matter your body shape or skin tone.

The thing that we didn’t discuss above is the fit. The fit is super important when you are wearing this outfit. Make sure the tee you pick for this outfit is of a proper fit. Not too short, not too right just the right fit.

Outfit 8

Crisp White Shirt + Black Jeans + Boots

Again, as I mentioned above, we’re all about timeless classic outfit combinations. There can be no better combination than this amazing black and white outfit.

This outfit combination is timeless, versatile and always look great on everyone no matter your skin tone or body shape or age.

The key to looking sharp this amazing outfit is the fit of your shirt. so, what you are looking for is a perfect length casual slim fit shirt. Now, slim fit doesn’t mean too tight, a shirt that hugs your body very tightly.

Outfit 9

White Crew Neck Tee + Black Jeans + Washed Denim Shirt + Black Boots

This cool outfit is perfect for guys looking for a timeless but street-ready outfit.

You can opt for a lightweight denim shirt or jacket to edge up this simple outfit. This outfit features a black boot but you can also go for a tan or a brown boots.

Outfit 10 

Green Washed Blue Jeans + White Crew Neck Tee + Khaki Field Jacket + White Sneakers

Bored of wearing blue or simple black jeans? Then you can pair your white tee with this cool washed blue jeans. The jeans here have a light green wash over classic blue jeans.
Just by opting for a slightly different jeans shade you can make your simple outfit look way edgier.
Plus, to make this outfit more amazing you can layer up with a khaki field jacket or double pocket shirt.

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