About Us

II Watches is a new innovative watch company aiming to offer quality and affordability all in one. At II watches we believe everyone has their own unique style, so we offer our very own custom watches allowing you to create your own watch.


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Our story

Founded in 2017 by two co founders, II watches set out to change the game. Attempting to offer each individual a watch to suit them at an affordable price!

We cut out the middle man by completing the whole process ourselves, this way we ensure our products are premium quality and we can offer a very unique personal service. With no middleman it also allows us to offer quality at affordable prices!

Now in 2018 II watches has achieved this goal and are thriving in the market, offering unique watches to all our happy customers at affordable prices. 

Every watch is handcrafted to suit the customer in our very own factor in London!

Feel Free to contact us if you need an extra special watch!

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