Guest Post - Joe Davidson


I recently moved out of my family home into my own flat at the age of 22. Whilst I was going through my Wardrobe it dawned on me, I have so many clothes yet every day I have nothing to wear? My mornings often consist of me rushing, trying to chuck together a suitable outfit. But with nothing organised and so much rubbish, I just end up settling for the last thing I tried on.  Every day I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, except I’m stuck in my own personal hell of shitty clothes…

So I finally decided to do something about it. Fortunately I’m friends with Paul, a stylist who also works with iiwatches. So I decided to get in contact with him to see if he would be willing to help me sort this out! Luckily, he was free and we got to work straight away! Now I know not everyone is friends with a stylist, which is why I thought I would make this guide. Hoping to help you guys out if you’re in a similar situation.

This Article Will Include:
  • All the steps I took in order to transform my wardrobe.
  • Top Fashion tips from Paul: a professional stylist.
  • The total cost of this transformation.
  • A number of outfit ideas.
  • And much more valuable content and information aiming to help you improve your wardrobe!

Stage 1: The Purge

Paul Said the first step is to go through my current wardrobe and pick out ‘suitable clothes’. Now I didn’t know what clothes were ‘suitable’. So Paul gave me these guidelines to help pick out which clothes I would keep in my new wardrobe:

  • Versatility: Pieces that do double or triple duty. Pieces that can be used in many outfits and situations.
  • Solid, neutral colors: The foundation of an amazing wardrobe are solid neutral colors like black, navy, white, and khaki. 
  •  Appropriateness: Clothes need to be appropriate to your lifestyle
  • Quality: Only quality clothes!

After hours of going through my current wardrobe we realised, nothing matched, the quality was poor and stringing together excellent outfits was impossible. So we decided the best way to move forward would be to start a complete fresh. At first the idea seemed extremely expensive and scary to me but Paul pitched the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe to me.

The capsule wardrobe sounded like an excellent idea to me for the following reasons:

  • I did not know what my style was: Paul ensured me that this wardrobe will be very versatile and minimalistic. It would provide excellent outfits for all situations and a base that I could add to once I know my style.
  • I was on a low budget: Paul said that this wardrobe will include only 25 pieces so will be inexpensive to build. Yet it will still provide 450 outfits that I can wear in many situations.
  • Versatility: The wardrobe will contain very versatile pieces so I can mix and match creating many great, unique looks.
  • Ease of use: The wardrobe will contain a small number of items and will be organised, meaning it will be easy for me to find the perfect outfit in the mornings.
  • Timeless: The Wardrobe will include only quality, timeless pieces, without any trendy clothes. Meaning it will never go out of fashion and I will look great whenever!

Paul Recommends the capsule wardrobe to anyone facing the following issues:

  • You own a closet full of clothes but frequently feel you have nothing to wear
  • You spend more time choosing what you will wear than you want or need to
  • You rarely feel satisfied with the selection of clothes in your closet
  • You wear the same things over and over again, despite having many to choose from
  • A large portion of your wardrobe goes unworn for months at a time (not counting seasonal clothing)
  • You own multiple similar pieces, such as 2 navy blazers or 6 pairs of jeans, but none are “just right”

Stage 2: Shirts

We first decided to start with getting the perfect shirts, more specifically T-shirts. The shirts are the base of all looks so it’s a good starting point.

Paul’s top style tip: ‘T-shirts only work for men in 6 colors; Black, White, Navy, Olive Green, Grey and baby blue.

With this in mind we went ahead and chose 3 T-shirts in 3 different colors to provide the base of my new wardrobe. I decided to go with: Black, White and Navy. It’s essential that these t-shirts fit perfectly, therefore we went into the mall to grab these. We got the total of 3 for $40 from American apparel. I’m 6,2” with an athletic build and found the mediums here fitted perfectly.

We also made sure the tees were 100% cotton. This is important as these will have a lot of wear, being the base of most of our casual looks. The cotton will not only look and feel better but it will be able to hold up in the wash much better as well.

The T-shirts will be used in most of our casual looks and we use these to the best of our advantage through layering. For example, you could rock your basic white tee on it’s own: or add one of our outer layers on top (which we will talk about later) to create a completely different look!

Next up we moved onto the shirts. For this capsule wardrobe we would only be getting long sleeve button ups. Paul recommended that we would only go for oxford cotton, this is because it gives you that range from casual all the way up to business-casual so well.

The White Long sleeve button up is essential so we ensured we got that in a great fit. And for this wardrobe we would need one more button up Paul said this could be in any one of the colors previously mentioned, so I went for baby blue. (We picked these shirts up from Ralph Lauren for $100 total if you’re wondering) 

Next up we grabbed a denim shirt, this would complete many of my casual looks and will add heaps of versatility. The final shirt we needed would be a formal shirt (not in oxford cotton) that I could use for my formal events.


Stage 3: Pants

No matter how much money you spend to buy it, pants only look as good as they fit.

To create all 450 looks for our capsule wardrobe we would only need 3 different pants! (Plus suit pants if you’re a suit wearer).

The pants we would need are; one pair of well fitted black jeans, One pair of indigo blue jeans and one pair of navy (Or olive) Cotton chinos.

These 3 pants will pair well with our shirts and provide great versatility, creating many looks all the way from casual to smart.

Again, i picked all pants up from the mall (Total = $150) as i did not know what size and brand would be the perfect fit for me, so this stage involved a lot of trying on. However, if you already know whats the perfect fit for you online would be a cheaper option. 

You may also want to pick up a pair of shorts for your capsule wardrobe, although it’s not essential. I picked up a pair of black denim shorts.

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