Stage 4: Outerwear

Our outerwear will really complete many of our looks, although outerwear can be dependent on where you live. We got the essentials for my wardrobe which can be worn anywhere.

The outerwear is extremely important for our capsule wardrobe, it’s the piece that’s different. It can be interchanged with the rest of the wardrobe to keep the outfits looking fresh, whether you’re going for a casual look with a black leather jacket or dressing up with a blazer.

First up we grabbed a black leather jacket, although this piece can only really be used for casual looks, it does them extremely well! I picked up my jacket from Zara for $50. 

Paul says the black leather jacket should:

  • Fit well in the shoulders
  • Have no excess fabric in the sleeves
  • And have few zippers and flair to ensure the jacket is timeless


Next up we need a further two jackets that are in line with your own personal style. So I went for a navy bomber and a beige trench coat, setting me back a further $100. (From ASOS) 

I went with the bomber as it will provide me with many more casual looks that will be perfect for going out and partying (fitting my lifestyle). And the trench coat will provide further versatility for my wardrobe, providing more looks all the way from casual to business-casual and will be perfect when the weathers poor.

Finally we will also need one blazer for my formal occasions. We went with a navy blue blazer following the rules for fit previously stated. 

Paul’s to tip for blazers: Ensure you have thin lapels, as wide lapels can make your face appear much wider than it actually is. I picked up my blazer from next for $70

Stage 5: Shoes

While shoes may not take up the same real estate as a shirt, they punch well above their weight in terms of projecting the vibe of an outfit. Shoes can really define an outfit, which is why it’s essential we grab the perfect shoes for our capsule wardrobe.

Paul’s Top Tip: When choosing your outfit from your wardrobe it’s essential your shoes are communicating the same message as the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a formal outfit you’re shoe also needs to be formal, and the same goes for your other outfits: Your shoes must match!

The shoes main job in this wardrobe is simply to fit in! They should not make a statement, taking away from the rest of your outfit.

First up we need formal shoes for our wardrobe. Paul says these should be; Black, polished and have no frills. Therefore we went for some formal black lace-ups, costing $50 from Next. 

Next up we need a shoe for our business-casual looks. So we picked up a pair of grey suede shoes to complete these looks. We picked these up from Asos for just $30. 

Finally we need our casual shoes, these shoes will get lots of wear so we recommend a good quality pair. We went for a pair of white minimalist sneakers which are extremely versatile and will look great in our casual looks. Again, we picked these shoes up from Asos (If you have a higher budget there’s much better options for this shoe) for $30.

Stage 6: Suits

Every man needs the perfect fitting suit to complete their wardrobe. A perfectly fit suit really will make the difference and will ensure heads turn when you’re wearing it. It’s essential your suit is navy blue as this look is timeless.

Now this is the part where I cheated, I already had a tailored navy blue suit, which I got made for me when I was in Thailand (Which I highly recommend doing if your ever there, they provide great  tailored suits for super cheap!) So I did not need to purchase another, however it’s essential for your wardrobe as every man needs a great suit at some point right?

Stage 7: Accessories

Stage 7 – Accessories

Although these pieces are not essential, we have just added them in to top of our looks.

First up we grabbed two quality leather belts. Although our pants are well fitted, these will make sure they don’t slip and will add a little extra to the look. We picked up one black leather and one brown.

Next up we needed a minimalist watch, this can be worn in all our looks adding that little extra to complete the looks. Fortunately I have the perfect watch from working at II which can be found here. But there are many others to choose from if this is not for you.

Finally I grabbed a pair of wayfarers, perfect for our summer casual looks and these awesome glasses really do look great on everyone!


After a days hard work i finally had a great organised wardrobe for my new home, I just had to wait on a few deliveries and I would be completely set. 

A month on and I can say this was one of the best decisions I have made. It may sound stupid, but it really has made a massive difference to my everyday life. No more messing about in the mornings trying to string together an outfit. This wardrobe allows me to mix and match my clothes and make great outfits every time for all sorts of situations. Furthermore, the reduced number of clothes means its really easy to keep my wardrobe organised, which is super helpful, and to my surprise, this wardrobe was extremely affordable!  

The Complete Wardrobe!

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