Our Wardrobe Essentials For Every Man!

Fashion changes all the time, trends come in and out. However our wardrobe essentials will always remain stylish and make sure you’re looking great. This collection will provide you with the best starting base to your wardrobe, provide excellent outfits for every situation, all year round.

So Here is our 20 essential wardrobe items: 

1 of 20 - The Bomber Jacket

What was once a passing trend is now a bonafide menswear essential. Worn by superbly stylish men like Mark Ronson and Drake, the bomber jacket is relevant to a man’s wardrobe throughout the year – wear as your main jacket during the warmer months, but slip on under a parka or a top coat during the bitter British winter.  
A bomber jacket looks good on everyone and the right bomber is extremely versatile. So invest in a simple, clean cut in a dark, versatile shade. 

2 of 20 - A Denim Jacket

The denim jacket belongs in every man’s wardrobe – and for good reason. It’s easier to wear than you would think: used as a layering piece under a long wool coat during the cold months, or, slung over a plain T-shirt in warmer weather.
We recommend a slim fit light shade jacket, this will provide both style and versatility. 

3 of 20 - Camel trench coat

If you’re living in the UK, then you’ll need a trench coat to keep the British rain away from drenching what’s underneath. Light enough for spring and ideal for the rainy season, this is a go-to piece for seasons to come.
 We feel this piece is essential for every man as it will look as chic worn over your suit as it will worn with a T-shirt and jeans.


4 of 20 - Crewneck Jumper

We believe a simple crewneck is super essential to your wardrobe as it provides extreme versatility. A cotton mix crewneck can be worn with pretty much everything: acting as a layer in winter and a feature in summer.
We recommend and adaptable shade of navy for your crewneck, this will provide ultimate versatility, which is why we think this piece is so great.

5 of 20 - Oxford Shirt

There’s little that won’t go well with an Oxford shirt. Because of its collar it’s naturally smart, but being softer in construction than stiff-collared shirts it also has a casual feel, allowing it to straddle the line between informal and formal. 
Worn either with a suit for a dressed-down office look or under a crew neck jumper for the weekends, this is definitely one of the most versatile and timeless pieces you’ll ever have.

6 of 20 - Quality White Button Up

Whether paired with a grey wool suit, a double-breasted blazer or a navy three-piece, a crisp white shirt is the ultimate blank canvas which can match with most colours, and can also be just as impressive when worn without a suit jacket.
This will be one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe, ensure your shirt is well fitted and we recommend a shirt cut from thick soft cotton. 

7 of 20 - The Classic White T-shirt

This item is very important for your wardrobe as it will go with literally everything. We recommend a high quality T – shirt due to the amount of wear it will have. A T – shirt cut from high quality cotton will not only feel better on your skin, it will not suffer in the wash. 

8 of 20 - The Navy T-shirt

Much like the white T, this piece can be worn with almost anything. But it will provide some variety in your wardrobe which is why we believe it’s an essential.

9 of 20 - Minimalist White Sneakers

Seasons change, but white trainers will always be a menswear essential. From a suit to joggers, to a polo and jeans, a pair of white trainers will look good with just about anything due to their fuss-free, subtle and minimalistic aesthetic.
Just make sure your sneakers remain super white and clean!

10 of 20 - Slim Navy Chinos

Chinos provide a great alternative to jeans and can be worn both formally and casually.  
For example you could wear your chinos with a button-down shirt  for the office or with a T-shirt and bomber for Friday night drinks.

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